"We only pack what grows here in the Lavant Valley.
And you can taste it."

Simon Quendler, herb farmer


When someone in our family is cooking, culinary herbs are a must. That’s how it was in our grandparents’ day, and it’s just the same today. It was all clear at the table. Even at work, it had seemed for a long time as though Simon – like his parents and grandparents – would stay in the fruit-growing business.

Then, by chance, he discovered the wonderful world of herbs.

Since then, the Quendlers have been cultivating aromatic herbs in the mild climate of the Lavant Valley. They started with lemon balm, and soon were also growing peppermint and sage in the fields around St. Andrä. The quality of the organic herbs was impressive, and Simon became a member of the Austrian Mountain Herb Association, which is dedicated to the production of high-quality organic food.


It was a chance encounter that gave Simon the idea for a new project. “Where can we get organic Carinthian mint?”, complained a customer who had been searching in vain for the key ingredient of the legendary Carinthian cheese dumplings. And that’s how “Simon’s Herbs” came into being – a fine selection of culinary herbs produced to organic standards. With Carinthian mint for starters, and lovage, oregano, parsley and thyme, which now bring the aromas of the Lavant Valley into your kitchen.

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Carinthian mint, lovage, oregano, parsley and thyme.
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